Nursery eBook about Stockley Farm

In preparation for their trip to Stockley Farm on Friday, pupils in Nursery class have been busy making an eBook using the iPad app Book Creator. On each page they have added an image of their favourite farm animal and then recorded themselves saying what they know about the animal. They have also recorded one question that they would like to find out when they get there. Here is the link to the book below (you will need to have an iPad or iPhone with the iBooks app installed in order to open it up and read – instructions on how to open the book in iBooks are below the link)…

Photo 27-06-2016, 18 15 00

This is what you will see on your device when you press the link

Photo 27-06-2016, 18 15 07

A message will then appear that says “No Preview Available.”

Photo 27-06-2016, 18 15 17

You will need to press the up facing arrow in the top right hand corner and then press copy to iBooks

Photo 27-06-2016, 18 15 25

The book will then open in iBooks. Press on it.

Photo 27-06-2016, 18 15 42

Swipe from right to left to turn each page. Press the audio button to listen to what the children have to say.


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