Super hero of the year award 2016! Who gets your vote?

Reception class have really been enjoying their topic on Superheroes. In Computing they used the iPad app Morfo to turn them into their favourite superhero character! First, they thought of some reasons why they should be awarded the title of superhero of the year and then they recorded themselves using the app. They then put them into the Comic Life app and added some speech bubbles and titles and also changed the formatting to make them look like authentic super hero comics. Finally, they helped Mr Edmondson make them interactive by importing their video using the iPad app ThingLink. Well done Reception class, you worked really hard!

Please can you listen to them all and leave a comment to say who you think the winner should be and why.

6 Responses to “Super hero of the year award 2016! Who gets your vote?”
  1. Chanda says:

    Chanda said, “I like the super heroes, my favourite one was Super Girl.”

  2. Kade says:

    Cade said, “Spider Man was my favourite.”

  3. Triumph says:

    Triumph says “I like Super Girl because she gave good reasons.”

  4. joshua5holyname says:

    i vote flash

  5. nicohname says:

    I vote flash as well josh

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