Welcome to our school blog! This blog will showcase all the fantastic work that is going on throughout school. Teachers will be posting examples of work and letting you know what their pupils have been learning in school. Along the top, you will find all the class blog pages (click on a drop down menu to find the page that you want). Here, you can view blogs from a particular year group. You will see that there is also an office blog, hosted by Mrs Doherty, where you can keep up to date with all important school announcements. There is also a ‘other news’ section, featuring drop down pages relating to various other aspects of school life. You can also search for specific posts using the categories drop down menu on the right hand side of the page.

Next to a post you will see the speech bubble icon where you can click on the link to leave a comment about it. Please do comment on pupil’s work if you can as your feedback will be extremely valuable. Please ensure that your feedback is constructive and helpful. All comments will be moderated and will only appear next to a post once it has been approved.

IMPORTANT: Please familiarise yourself with the BLOG RULES page so that you aware of how to use this fantastic facility safely and responsibly.


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